"National Parks Now", competition winner for Weir Farm National Historic Site
       (w Aaron Forrest, Yasmin Vobis, Susanne Mathew, Gungjai Pungauthaikan, Jessica Forrest)
       Competition by The Van Alen Institute

       The Tom Bradley International Terminal Video Art Project at LAX (collaboration with Patty Chang) is complete and on permanent display
       A Percent for Art Program Commissioned by the LA City Department of Cultural Affairs in conjunction with Los Angeles World Airports

       "snow falling in front of a red brick building facade" was acquired by the The George R Brown Video Collection in Houston TX

       "The Role of Meaning Threats and Explicit Category Learning" research project
       Collaboration with Dr Roger D Stanton, Department of Psychology - St Marys College MD

     Current Exhibitions and Film Screenings

       "Speculum Speculorum - Mirror of Mirrors" (curated by Mary Dinaburg and Howard Rutkowski), The Gallery at EFA - New York NY

       "Party in The Bathroom", The Windows at Mixed Greens - New York NY | Solo Exhibition

       "Share This! Appropriation After Cynicism" (w Adam Parker Smith), Denny Gallery - New York NY

       The Miami Project Art Fair (w Freight + Volume Gallery), Miami FL

     Upcoming Exhibitions and Film Screenings

       Art Palm Beach (w Litvak Gallery) - Palm Beach FL

       Fashion Week (w Cheryl Hazan Gallery), Bergdorf Goodman - New York NY

     Recent Exhibitions and Film Screenings

       "Screen Shots / Texture" (curated by Vera Petukhova), The Northwest Film Forum - Seattle WA

       "Four Corners" (collaboration with Aaron Forrest and Yasmin Vobis) Gallery at The Boston Society of Architects - Boston MA

       Toronto Urban FIlm Festival, various locations of the TTC Subway System, Toronto CANADA

       Toronto Urban FIlm Festival "Travel Stories", Calgary International Airport (YYC), Calgary CANADA

       "DUMBO Glow" (curated by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker), Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage - Brooklyn NY

       The Miami Project Art Fair (w Freight + Volume Gallery), Miami FL

       "Rouge", Cheryl Hazan Gallery - New York NY

       "LIKELY AND MORE THAN EVENLY, THIS IS THE LEFT OVER METHOD" (curated by Tamas Veszi), La Couleuvre - Saint-Ouen FRANCE

       "In Motion: videos by Noah Klersfeld", The Hunterdon Art Museum - Clinton NJ | Solo Exhibition

       The Images Festival, YYZ Gallery - Toronto CANADA

       "Thanks" (curated by Adam Parker Smith), Lu Magnus - New York NY

       "You'll Never Walk Alone Again" (curated by Carlos Rodriguez), Radiator Gallery - Long Island City NY

       The Passive Aggressive series, Video Room at Freight + Volume Gallery - New York NY | Solo Exhibition

       "Urban / Suburban" (curated by Karen Shaw), The Islip Art Museum - Islip NY

       "Video Playlist: The Evidence Show(s)" (curated by Jesse McLean) in conjunction with "Crime Unseen", The Museum of Contemporary Photography - Chicago IL

       "Immersive Surfaces" (curated by the Leo Kuelbs Collection), The Manhattan Bridge Anchorage at the DUMBO Art Under The Bridge Festival - Brooklyn NY

       "Driven by Whats Inside" (curated by Elana Mann), Side Street Projects - Los Angeles CA

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